What is The Roleplayground?


The Roleplaygrounds first priority is helping roleplayers. That can mean with finding and keeping roleplay partners or groups. Giving opinions and insight on specific roleplay interactions and how to approach them. Improvement with their writing and roleplay expression. Pointing them in the direction of roleplay tools and resources like
map making/world building sites . And so much more.

Everyday members are adding new content.

There are some amazingly talented and seasoned roleplay veterans out there who are open and willing to answer questions and provide their expertise. We hold open workshops on occasion to give members a chance to learn and ask questions in order to grow as a player and have a positive influence on the RP community.

A Community

The Roleplayground started as a small Discord server a quickly grew into a large and active one. In less than 3 months, over 800 members had joined. The people are friendly, welcoming and helpful, all of them roleplayers. We are accepting of all races, creeds religions and sexual orientation. To join you must be 16+.

There is a wide variety of roleplay flavors here, from Slice of Life to Horror and Gore. ERP and RPF. Fantasy. Historical. How do you like to play?

A Roleplay Hub

Advertise your roleplay idea or group here. Browse the ads and find a partner or community for you!